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December 05, 2008


Romantic bed and breakfasts

Traveling is a nice experience you get to know the world more closely.You have a face to face interaction with different people.It builds a self confidence in yourself when you are all alone.I also like traveling a lot.especially a ride on bicycle is a great great fun!!


I found your blog through Tiny Happy. It looks like you are having an interesting time. I have just begun a travelling journey myself, interesting to hear your travelling tales....


I stumbled across your blog, and decided to read on after i saw your booklist, and realized I was reading (or have read or want to read)nearly all the same ones! You have a lovely blog. So lucky to have been in India too. Keep posting. I can travel vicariously through you....


Hello lovely kate,
Happy new year!
I miss you, I love you, please remember to come home one day.
I had a fairly intense new year, kinda lost the plot on January one. If this is the start of my saturn return, its gonna be a wooser of a time. So far I have learnt to:
Accept myself
Be grateful for all that I receive
Ask for help when I need it.

And it turns out there is a infinite pool of love and light within me. who knew?

I bring lots of hugs and love for you from friends at Canaan Downs,
lets talk soon,
Love you long time,


pussypushkin i am wrinting this aseveryone will see
all is good in the hood
love ed and kisses
be well and what the hell
life is a ripper birthdays r a bash

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